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The award winning VRstation™ VT. The world's first fully automatic instant virtual tour camera

Create, manage, host and showcase your virtual tours in twelve seconds with the VRstation VTcomplete package from Otus Technologies. Capture hi-resolution 360 degree panoramic images in a single shot with just one push of the button with the VRstation and upload your photographs to our dedicated hosting Tour Management System, and instantly create professional virtual tours ready for showcasing and distribution.

It's the complete must have tool for estate agents and professional virtual tour photographers alike. Read more.

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VRstation Wireless Control

John Logie Baird Award



Create virtual tours with just
One Push of the Button

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The VRstation is a 16 megapixel hand held, push button panoramic camera that instantly creates and processes professional, ready to use 360 degree virtual tour photographs and 360 degree video in a matter of seconds. There's no assembly, no setup and no software to learn, everything is done within the camera. From start to finish, taking a virtual tour of a property takes minutes not hours to complete. Read more.


VRstation Wireless Control

Control Wirelessly with your Iphone

A great feature of the VRstation is it's wireless capabilities. With the option wireless module you can connect to the camera via your Iphone or any wireless device to view the live view from the camera, take the photographs and view them instantly. You can do this all from the next room without the need for cables. Wifi is available as an additional option in the VRstation store.


Professional virtual tour hosting

The Tour Management System, our dedicated virtual tour hosting platform, has been designed to compliment the speed, efficiency and quality of the panoramic images created by the VRstation. Simply upload your images to your online account and your tour is created automatically in seconds. No hassle, no fuss. Read more.

Pricing & bundles

There is a package and solution to suit your business. You can either purchase the VRstation together with our professional Online Management System or simply just buy the camera on it's own and you are free to use the photographs as and how you wish. Read more.


A complete realtor/estate agent solution

Virtual Tours with a press of the button. You can now create your own stunning professional 360 degree virtual tours of a property, in house, quickly and easily using the VRstation™ Realtor package. Just place the camera in the room, press the button and your virtual tour photographs are ready in seconds. In just 10 tours and you've paid for your VRstation™! Read more.


Remote control your VRstation With our optional WiFi specification, you can connect to your VRstation from any WiFi enabled device, view a live preview and capture.
Warranty The VRstation comes with a One Year
Warranty. Extended Warranties available on request.
Realtor Package Our Virtual Tour package for Realtors offers everthing you need to take & showcase professional virtual tour for your clients.
Technical Specs The VRstation is now an amazing 16 Megapixels delivering unrivaled picture quality and image resolution